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Thursday, 29 March 2012

With a little help from my Friends

Last week’s lesson was a bit of a wash out in terms of satisfaction, not weather

Getting last week’s disappointments behind me meant moving on with confidence. Going along with friends, who clearly care and understand the phenomenon that is the horse riding rollercoaster, does help. No hiding under a duvet then.

Flaire my trusty schoolmistress, was waiting for me .I could swear she was smiling! I was determined to have a good ride, dangerous territory I know, relax relax, I told myself.

 The sun was marvellous and we were all smiling and happily warming up, on a long rein. No sloppy walk at all .Spring was in Flaire’s step she has been on a new diet and had some Spring grass. No one told me this before I got on, but I definitely felt the difference.  We went through our paces trot and canter and although not perfect I felt happier coping with my deficiencies. Flaire’s increase in energy was making it easier for me. I had plenty of encouragement and laughter with friends in the sunshine. So really a non event, no drama then, but perhaps that’s just what I needed.

Until next time,, a happy Novice (ahh!)
Alison x

Alison x

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