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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A twist in the tale!

What I have learnt from this last twelve months is , making plans is ok? but it doesn't really have anything to do with what will happen. Last January I was happily continuing my riding, even on those chilly days I was riding at least three times a week until I went bump. After a spell in hospital and six weeks in a brace waiting for my fractured verterbrae to heal, I really had no idea how all things horsey were going to pan out for me. It was a serious fall, in so much as the degree of impact it had on me and my loved ones. Obviously getting back to walking, driving and being independent was the priority, riding was not on the horizon at all. No argument from me, however perhaps a visit to the stables? just to stroke the horses. A life without horses was difficult to accept, so my visits continued and I enjoyed watching lessons, grooming the horses and generally helping out.

My consultant told me whatever I was doing was helping me and to carry on doing it so I did. One of my favourite horses at the stable, Spirit, needed a bit of TLC and in hand ground work so I offerred to take that on. I am not sure who benefitted more him or me?
I started to really love my time with Spirit and the exercise was very good for me and I could see the schooling was improving Spirit's flexibility and manners. Then I felt ok to lunge so took some lunging lessons and found this very enjoyable too. So the thought of not riding and working with horses on the ground was gaining favour.
My consultant discharged me and said come August I could ride again if I must! So I put that idea on the back burner and decided to just enjoy the summmer, doing what I was doing, then, because I had time on my hands I went on a trip to Portugal and visited a horse rescue centre and saw the state of some horses in the area of the Silver coast. I am sure some horses were ok in that region but what we saw made me mad and sad. When I came home we decided to rescue a horse each and bring them back to stay at Redbrook Equestrian with Hayleys others horses. I would not have done this without someone as experienced as Hayley to help as a mentor, but after alot of heartache and difficulties and a feeling that I was in fact rescuing my horse from the rescue centre, the two fillys arrived.
After initial rehab the two filly's enjoy a run in the school
My rescue horse Iona and my rescue dog Libby meet
I have changed remarkably since my accident from a person who just wants to ride to someone who has learned so much more about the joy of being with and taking care of horses. I do ride again now and still enjoy it, but I adore taking care of my horse, this is a journey I would not have set out on, without the unfortunate accident. I would probably never have bought my own horse let alone a baby I couldn't ride but, life's journey is a strange one and just when you think you are in the driving seat something will happen to take away the controls. This year's New years eve all I could say was here's to the next twist in the tale. Alison x

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