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Sunday, 17 June 2012

A little Elegance, at last!

Sitting prettier?
A new girl joined our gang this week; she had not ridden for years and felt like she was starting from scratch. I must say though she was pretty good, nothing like when I came for my first lesson last year. Which was why I was particularly nervous when Hayley asked her to watch me while I demonstrated my canter, to illustrate the use of the ” seat”. I thought oh no pressure then, and tried hard not to let myself down. Hayley still had some guiding words for me about the transition, as I tend to push and lean forward, which was fine can’t have Hayley standing on ceremony that would really throw me.

Anyway you can judge for yourselves how it went as my friend, Jayne, had come to watch me for the first time and do some filming while she was there. (Probably because I don’t stop talking horse). Jayne loves all animals but doesn’t want to ride, so I found it very touching that she would come and watch. My sister did the same last week and when non horsey people show an interest its quite heart warming.

The ever watchful Hayley + the giving Oscar
I quite like the whole aspect of lessons, I know I am paying for the instruction, but putting that to one side. I get guidance on whether I am doing the right thing. I don’t mind being put right either, its all part of someone helping me be the best I can be. When I do get it right there is instant praise and recognition. Like how we nurture our children, praising them on everyday tasks to encourage confidence and surefootedness. What I have come to realise is that I for one haven’t outgrown the need for reassurance and support, but perhaps culturally we think adults are “there” so we don’t bother with that anymore. Well its not just in the school that I benefit from praise and acknowledgement and I don’t think I am alone. I am going to try and support fellow adults more and hope anyone reading this can remember to encourage each other outside the school too. I for one want to carry on growing and developing. I am not needy, I am just human.  

P.S I can see my dropped shoulder as I come into the 20 m circle, not pointing with the right(left) "booby" again. oh will I ever get it right/left!

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Lorraine Jennings said...

You deserve to feel proud of yourself! You sit so well - and light. A lot of riders sit down very hard on the third beat of canter when they're learning. You support your whole weight and body and allow the horse to move. Nice one :)
I know you noticed your inside shoulder but check out your hip too. It's actually your whole body that's twisted to the outside. That's not a bad thing, it's often easier to correct than one delinquent shoulder!
Take a look at yourself cantering the other way. You may find you only do it on this rein because your body naturally turns to the left. If that's the case you can practise at home by twisting from left to right through your waist to loosen yourself up.
That was nit picking of course. :) Thanks for letting me know because I love to read your posts. Lorraine