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Monday, 11 June 2012

Riding, staying ahead of the black dog

Dozer the Labrador Retriever at 3 years old.
He looks so cute but !

Good health is such a fragile, precious gift. Not realising that is completely understandable and in some ways a period of grace exists until bang, wallop, splat. You meet your first demon, which is to shake the innocent ignorance that stops you taking health for granted.

It may be your own first encounter with poor health, for me it was watching loved ones battle illness which burst my bubble of blissful ignorance. Well before, I myself experienced my own small disturbance to good health. So now I am in that worldly position of appreciating the delicate balance of life.

It just keeps raining but we must ignore it
The weather is affecting most of us one way or another and those who tread the thin line between equilibrium and blackness can be devastated simply by endless grey days. Riding is no longer just fun for me not only does it lift my spirits it I am convinced it keeps me well and on an even keel.

My ride was cancelled on Friday the rain was, well, just too wet and the wind too gusty, it just makes sense not to risk it on these occasions. I felt gutted but there is so many unpredictable things that can happen with wind, horses trees slippy mud etc its not worth it. Sense has to prevail. 

I ride in all weathers, just get my camera out when its sunny

But I am not a fair weather rider no way.I am happy riding, and I could just put a full stop there. Because I am happy come rain or shine. love it for itself, what I need to do is somehow bottle the benefits I get from riding which tends to enhance my well being for quite some time afterwards and be able to dip into it when I can’t ride.  

Until then I will keep riding, trying to stay ahead of that pesky black dog and hope anyone in the same boat can do the same.


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