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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Going the extra mile at the stables

Its been a while  since my last blog and loads has happened, we've had a few ups and downs and some stuff I will tell you about another time. But today was one of those lovely days you want to have over and over so lets tell you about that now. Its hot, yes you know, well at our stables , that's Redbrook they really look after you when the sun is out. We walked into the tack room to see this notice, read the green writing carefully.

Line up and get your  bellie seen to!

The writing says: Very Important, 1st thing make sure everyone has suncream and cream on their bellies and wherever they need it. Well we are very obedient and if Hayley says we need sun cream on our bellies, well up come the T-shirts. We did think it was a bit excessive but she knows what she's doing and the lesson could involve some sort of exercise which exposed our bellies?

We may have lined up obligingly but the dogs just couldn't be bothered, so their body language told us come and slap it on if you want to.
its too hot you will have to come to me and do my bits

Chrissie me and Dorothy enjoyed our lesson and it was so hot we needed sustenance so we decided to join the other girlies, Hayley, Meg and Tony for lunch. We got changed first. Chrissie was a bit concerned that Latina wouldn't recognise her in her civvies, Latina looked blankly at her,"hey its me " . Chrissie  said.

Chrissie loves Latina 

Who are you?  whats this handbag you've never had one of them before!
The last two lessons I have ridden Oliver he is absolutely gorgeous and so clever, I miss Oscar but riding Oliver has made me happy again, please say hello to Oliver.

Alison Loves Oliver isn't he handsome?
Can you see the look of love in (both) of our eyes I am sure its mutual, but all I can give him right now is a  sugar lump and I am off for lunch, its just got to be done.

Tell me you love me too(its in the eyes)
 After a  busy morning rubbing sun cream in bellies and drinking loads of water and generally being pampered before during and after our lesson we retired to the pub, it doesn't get better than that. Lovely day thank you girls.
We need to eat too you know yum yum


Martine said...

Looks great! Not enough sun here to make me want to put sun-cream anywhere, unfortunately.

Alison Barton said...

Hi Martine, hopefully the sun will come your way soon x

Sara Walker said...

Nooo! Don't keep talking about the lovely weather, Alison, you'll make it rain! I'm just keeping very quiet,and hoping the weather gods haven't noticed the sun yet....
Had fab hack yesterday, but the FLIES! (I am never satisfied - it's either too wet/cold, or too hot/flyridden).

Alison Barton said...

Sarah, yes I know but we keep riding don't we? whatever the weather or conditions. Thanks for reading.x

Lorraine Jennings said...

Just popped in to see if your were still at it :)Good to see you enjoy the apres-riding as much as the riding.