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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

There's more to Horses than riding

As we have become better known at the stables, we have been allowed to do more with Hayley's lovely horses before our lesson. I find brushing extremely therapeutic  I run the brushes over Oscar's neck and legs  before I take his rug off. I love talking to him watching his reactions and feeling a connection. He is warm and his breath smells great its not everyone's  idea of a pleasant aroma, but I love it. Don't ask me if it s the actual smell or the  memories it evokes, the lifelong love affair with the horse. That oaty, sweaty smell  oh I love it and that warm air that passes  over your hand and the flick of the ears,yes Oscar I know you're listening to me. A snort and a shuffle of the feet ,yet when I ask him to stand he stands still like a statue ,lifting each foot in turn as I pick out his hooves. If he didn't want to co-operate their would be no way I could make him. The trust and co-operation feels so genuine and honest.

Arrive early and groom the lovely Oscar and get him ready for our ride
Hayley calls him an old boy and I don't actually know how old he is, he's certainly spritely enough  when ridden. In the stable he is so warm and quiet he doesn't push into your space but melds with you as you prepare for a ride. Hey he knows what's coming and he's relaxed about it. That makes me feel good.. I find it hard to convey the warmth that wells up inside of me when I am with him and I can tell you I have my moments of anxiety and stress and Horses well, they just settle me.
Dorothy  ready to get sky's tack on
I am so lucky because moving to a new county, you leave your friends behind and you do wonder how you will meet new friends you can really connect with, especially at my age. Well  Dorothy and Chrissie are new friends I have met through my love of horses. We all volunteer at RDA and although we are at different levels, (I am the entertainment) we can enjoy lessons together and the odd lunch etc.. Yes I am so lucky. Of course I still have my pre- move friends who I love , and make sure we see each other regularly. None of them are "horsey" though . This new episode my life  is so liberating !

Chrissie  with Latina after our ride free of her bridle waiting for some hay(Latina not Chrissie ha)

We are starting to feel like part of the furniture at the stables and glad Hayley now trusts us to be more involved with the horses. I have mentioned before my dream wold be to win the lottery so I could afford my own horse but also afford  the help, as I am not so sure I know enough to really take care of a horse well enough on my own.

I don't want to diminish the  other vital parts of my life , like being a wife and mother , sister and friend but laying underneath that on a par with my dogs I love horses and they complete me. Now watch my "horsey " friends "working" at the stables, we don't exactly break into a sweat!  Ha! Love
Alison x

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Scottish Mum said...

I think just like all animals. Better than people most of the time.