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Friday, 20 April 2012

To Infinity and Beyond

Where is this adventure going to take me? Riding and my interest in Horses generally is opening up an exciting new world. When I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2007 a day to day struggle of “trying “ was all I could manage. Trying to get out of bed , trying to sit up, trying to hold the kettle with one hand, trying to walk the dogs. Life felt very “trying” and I am sure I was a bit of a git to everyone around me.

The fact that simple things were so hard was in itself so frustrating and draining. Slowly I have regained a level of activity which is extremely satisfying Moving to the Forest of Dean  two years ago was key to my next phase of recovery, although I wasn’t consciously moving for that reason.

Walking the dogs most days in the Forest I regained more fitness and stamina. I started volunteering with the Riding for the disabled and met a lovely group of friends who shared my love of horses. I went for an hour or two to start with as it was exhausting. I was truly inspired by our clients who rode despite a range of disabilities. That’s when I got the confidence to start riding again myself. It was a bumpy start, literally and figuratively. I really should have worn a red nose, when I had my first few lessons it was hilarious. And tired! Well I still sleep or rest for a good few hours afterwards but it’s worth it.

I am making progress I am riding Oscar now a more challenging horse and I love him as you will know from my other blogs. Yesterday I went up early and gave him a good grooming session, oh we bonded. I think my love is reciprocated. Our ride was much more fluid and some tone in my core is helping tremendously, I used to be like a big blancmange, all soft in the middle. I am still soft just a few lumpy bits now. Ha.  

The great outdoor beckons  I haven’t been for a hack yet, but I am told that it’s a must when the bluebells are out and Hayley, the lovely Hayley has told me I am ready to be let loose. Praise in deed, for the sack of potatoes that arrived at her stables last September. 

Imagine riding a horse on a beach like this !
In addition to that my lovely friends, my new friends I met through our shared love of horses have suggested we go on a riding holiday.  Where could we go, what wonderful new horses could we meet. Imagine cantering along a beach with the sea breeze blowing the foam spraying around the hooves of the horses wow,wow,wow. Research time now where can we go?

Alison x


Anonymous said...

Its one of the things that I plan when I go on holiday now, where I can go hacking :o) I remember the excitement and nerves I felt on my first hack when the gate from the school to the road was opened, oh boy. I sat there thinking 'I can't believe I'm doing this!'. I hope you get to go hacking really soon and book that riding holiday. You're right riding is an adventure and I know for me it has opened up a whole new worled. x

Alison Barton said...

yes absolutely thanks for your comment Irene,x

Sara Walker said...

Good on you, Alison! I have a friend in her fifties who's just got her first horse after a 30 year break from riding. She's finding it tremendous fun, but a bit scary! I have to remember to be sympathetic, so I often don't realise how difficult she finds everyday things. I'll point her towards your blog for moral support!

Alison Barton said...

Thank you, Hopefully your friend will enjoy the blog. I love that we get the chance to do something scary and challenging at our age. I look forward to hearing from her fingers crossed.

Lorraine said...

hi Alison, thanks for the link to this post and sorry it's taken me till now to read it, it's so inspiring that even with ME you have been able to follow your love of horse riding. As you know I'm not well either but yesterday rekindled a love of a sport I used to play when I was younger and was surprised to find I had more energy for it than I expected, it's amazing when we really, really love something, how our bodies can give us more than we might believe could be possible and healing can start to happen almost of its own accord. And living somewhere beautiful with less stress makes a big difference too, my own move to the Kent coast will help in my journey towards better health, I'm certain of it though it's early days. I've never ridden, I was one of those little girls with an imaginary stable full of horses that I used to gallop around the playground with, wishing they were real, but riding lessons were seen as just too expensive and not an option. Also, my Dad surprised me one day by telling me I was too "physically fragile" to ride a horse, something I didn't think he saw me as, but now as I get older I have more an more insight into our family relationship with ill health, but that's something to write about another day on my own blog.... anyway, just wanted to say, thanks for writing this inspirational post. xx