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Friday, 13 April 2012

Forget swimming with dolphins


Yesterday I was unexpectedly alone at home in the morning. Usually not a problem I like my own space and getting on with chores, or not, as the case maybe without the hindrance of him indoors is bliss.

However on this occasion I had agreed for the “guys” to come and “do the snag list”, to finish off our newly fitted kitchen. I didn’t think too much about it because I would leave  the “liaison” to my beloved. I planned to go horse riding at 10.30 and to be extra productive squeeze in giving a cupboard a coat of paint before leaving.

Unfortunately having committed to this course of action, Phil had to leave me to it. He said he’d be at the end of a phone. How was that supposed to help?

Well I started painting giving myself plenty of time to finish and clean my brushes and tidy up, which I like to do, ready for the next coat. But the guys didn’t arrive until quarter to ten, I was half way through painting and then they had questions, where’s this where’s that. “In the garage” I told them “look I have to finish this get changed and get to the stables” Stress notches started to turn in my belly. I am not used to multi tasking anymore, I live a quiet life, Urhh!

Anyway I phoned my helpful husband who was indeed at the end of the phone but all he could say was” Its all in the garage” , “Yes I told him I said that but where exactly?” The garage is a no go area for me and might as well have a big no entry sign on the door.

Well then, my less than ebullient husband started going on about why I had arranged for them to come when he wasn’t there. The screw turned some more steam started seeping out of my ears. I had explained I had exactly 3 minutes to wash my brushes change my clothes agree how the “guys” would lock up and that also included zipping my chaps on which can be a fiddle.

I wanted to tell him, quite loudly yes I wanted to shout at him, that when I arranged it he was supposed to be here, but he had changed his plans blah blah, but I didn’t have time. So because my helpful husband on the “end of the phone” could not actually help me at all, I clicked the red phone.  He was gone, If only it was that easy! I can hear you all thinking, naughty!. I don’t do this usually and it is very rude but Hey ho I was going riding and come rain shine, bloody workmen or unhelpful husbands I was going out the door, gone.

 With the rush I actually arrived at the stables a bit earlier than usual, warp speed all the way! My stress levels were through the roof, something was trying to get between me and my precious time with Oscar and being shouted at, I mean guided brilliantly by the ever wonderful Hayley. Oh bother how’s this going to work, you’re supposed to be calm and relaxed riding a horse because they can sense when you are tense, right?

You know by the time I had given him a light brush and tacked him up I was much calmer. By the time I swung my leg up and over his back I was floating on cloud 9. Forget swimming with dolphins. If you want to feel at peace get close to a horse
Alison x

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